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Petz is a PC game created by P.F. Magic in 1995 where you adopt, raise, and play with virtual Catz and Dogz. If you're new and want a quick rundown of the game, you can view the Catz Manual and Dogz Manual that come with one of the games. Besides the charming gameplay, there's an active community that's been around since the game's inception found on several social media platforms. Check out the Linkz page for more details about Petz, how to run the game on modern platforms, and how to join the community.

I'm Thor and this is a Petz fan website created in 2023 dedicated to showing off my personal Petz in my Kennel, advertising my newest tools in Downloadz, keeping an "archive" of things I create for the game in the Gallery, and more! I hope you find something useful during your visit to my site.

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This website went live July 2023. And the first real version of the site was published on August 2023. Although this site is currently live, it's missing quite a lot of things I'd originally planned to add for the first release in August (but I ran out of time). My main goal for the next update is to do a layout and design overhaul-- adding more Petz images, graphics, and colors. There's still a lot of things I want to add/ modify, so please excuse the dust, typos, and unfinished pages while I slowly work on it.

If you notice any issues or errors, or wish to write a comment, please use this form to send any feedback.